6 Ways to Ease Communications Between Condo Managers and Residents

15, Mar

Modern condos in the GTA are designed to offer a world of advantages to homeowners and residents. They offer landscaped surroundings, immaculate lawn-care, timely snow-removal, and seasonal roof maintenance without having the owners lift a finger.

Residents can enjoy luxurious amenities such as heated pools, well-equipped party rooms, state-of-the-art gyms and safe play areas for children without the hassle of maintenance. There’s a strong sense of security and community even for newcomers. But for most condos, one of the biggest challenges is for property managers to stay connected with residents at all hours.

A cordial relationship between the residents and the condo board is key to successful property management. With most residents away at work during the day and many property managers unavailable at night or weekends, how do you ensure accessibility in emergency situations? Tenix, the smart property managers, offers a few tips.

How to Enhance Condo Communications

Property managers have an ongoing responsibility to be accessible to residents at all times. It is important to hear out residents at the earliest and fix issues without delay. Here’s how you can build relations and trust:

Be honest and kind

From the outset, be honest with your expectations from your residents. Define the responsibilities, restrictions, and any other critical information that you feel owners must know. A kind voice while doing so can alleviate many concerns.

Don’t ignore small issues

Small damages can lead to expensive repairs later if they are left unheeded. Look into repairs before they blow out of proportion.

Clearly outline rules and regulations

Be clear about condo rules and regulations such as parking, partying, smoking on the property, pet restrictions and security issues.

Avoid being too rigid

Sensitive considerations go a long way in easing dynamics between property managers and residents. Make sure you see both sides of the coin before enforcing rules.

Track resident requests

It is not easy to track day-to-day tasks or keep track of hundreds of requests from residents in a condo. Many condos prefer to hire licensed property management contractors to keep up with daily demands. You may want to consider the same.

Be accessible 24/7

Maintenance issues and damages crop up when residents are least prepared. If there’s a sudden power outage or the HVAC breaks down, it is hard for residents to wait until the next day for the management to resolve issues in Canada’s extreme weather conditions. Show that you care about the residents as much as you do about the property by being accessible 24/7.

Impossible to keep up with all the demands without a hitch? Don’t worry! You have Tenix to make this easier now. Our customized condo management software is designed to streamline condo operations with ease.

Tenix: Smart Condo Management, Simplified

Tenix is an efficient, automated property management software that helps you manage daily communication, real time operations, track requests, update records and pull up the condo unit’s history in a few clicks. The easy-to-navigate interface is thoughtfully designed to fit your needs. Call us for a demo to see how you can stay connected to your residents, 24/7, 365 days a year and speed up condo property management in the process.