Custom Web Pages

Condo Management Software

With more hotel websites than ever, people have access to a wide variety of overnight accommodations, when they could be staying in your guest suites!

Increase your guest suite bookings and earn additional income for your building by having a custom web page built that features your suite. We create an attractive ‘mini-site’ that residents can easily share with friends or family directly through their portal with just a few clicks. We’ve had condominiums increase usage from 40% to 80% just by having this simple solution customized and built for them. This could be thousands of dollars that you can reinvest into other important expenditures, even offset the cost of Tenix! Need a webpage for your condo that features more than just your guest suite? We have partnered with one of the largest and most robust digital agencies in North America to help build a solution for you that could spotlight everything else your building or surrounding community has to offer.

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