How Long Does It Take To Get Us Up And Running With Tenix?

The process is quick – most of the time it’s up within 2-3 weeks.

Are There Any Other Fees That We Should Be Aware Of?

No, we are very transparent in everything we do, and especially around our pricing. We also offer you a lifetime price freeze once you join Tenix.

Who Owns The Data?

You do. We would never hold your information hostage, in fact we help you to extract the data if you ever need it!

Do You Provide Training?

Yes, and we are attached to your hip until you’re 100% confident in using Tenix. We also host live training sessions for residents to ensure you have high engagement within your building.

Do You Have Any Recognizable And Reputable Property Managers Using Tenix?

Yes, and they are very happy using it.

Does Tenix Offer E-commerce For Items Such As Replacement Keys, Parking Passes Etc?

Yes, we integrate with Moneris and Stripe, some of the largest and most reputable payment providers.

We Are A Small Building With Older Residents. Do We Still Have To Pay The Full Amount If We Don't Need All Of The Features?

Call us or send us an email and we’ll discuss how you can take advantage of Tenix at a much lower cost.

Do You Offer Price Discounts For Multi-year Agreements?

Yes, let’s discuss. In some cases, we’ve reduced the annual fee significantly.

Is The Information Inside Of Tenix Secure?

As a client of Tenix, you benefit from a data centre and network architecture that has been built to meet the requirements of the highest security-sensitive organizations.

Does Tenix Work Well On My iPad?

Yes, Tenix is a completely responsive program, meaning it scales very well to any mobile or desktop.

What Is Your Technical Support Turnaround?

We typically respond the same day to all inquiries, and always within 24 hours.

We are HERE to assist you