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Public Service Announcement

March 30, 2020. At Tenix, we want to thank all front line workers who put their health at risk on a daily basis to assist during this catastrophic pandemic. We would also like to thank all property managers for doing everything they can by helping their condo communities each and every day.

Everyone at Tenix solutes you all.

At a time where social distancing is a number one priority, it’s critical to have a user-friendly system in place within your condo community that allows for online communications and requests. From the comfort of their homes, residents can view critical messages, perform online functions, and much more – alleviating the need to interact with the concierge or heading down to the Property Management office. It’s also just as important for property managers to keep their distance from residents until this pandemic flattens out. This is why Tenix is proud to do it’s part by offering it’s highly rated solution at no annual fee for property managers across North America.
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