How To Select A Reliable Property Management Software

21, Sep

If you’re in need of the right property management software, but find yourself confused about where to begin, you have come to the right place! In this blog, we will provide a full breakdown of the key features and functionality that you should look out for to identify the best option for your property. Here are some must-haves worth considering when looking for the right property management software:


The best property management software should offer in-depth configurability for tailoring each element to suit your properties’ unique needs. You should be able to customize your setup from the ground up. Customization options can include tenant access, user permissions, brand look and feel, and more. Being able to refine your tenants’ experience at each property should be prioritized. After all, no two buildings are the same, right?

Easy to Edit

Configurable software is great if it’s easy for your business’s property teams to make certain changes. Your building management staff should be able to customize pages and settings without depending on a web developer. Staff need to be able to do so with ease through quickly and easily tailoring content, events, pages, and permissions by using a mixture of check boxes and “drag-and-drop” style interfaces.

Automating the Workflow

When choosing the right property management software, you need something that will increase operational efficiency. This can be done through automation, which involves the ability of the software to make routine tasks happen faster and more automatically. Look out for a property management tool that will let you automate away routine processes, including approving room bookings, sending reminders to tenants, communicating status updates, and more.

User Management

There are plenty of different roles and kinds of tenants and “key contacts” involved in managing commercial properties. Given the multiple user groups in the workplace, a good property management platform should allow you to do the following:

    • Define a number of different roles, groups, types, and tiers
    • Target content and messaging to each (as needed), and most importantly
    • Customize what functionality each group is able to access

In addition, each user type should have “permission” to do certain things as deemed appropriate.


Understanding how tenants use your properties and their preferences can help improve tenant engagement and optimize your amenities.

Seamless Integrations

Even if you have existing software and tools that have become integral to your business, it’s still important for your property management app to be able to integrate with all of the tools you’re currently using in your portfolio; for creating a seamless experience for tenants and admin users.

Reliable Customer Support

An ideal online property management platform is expected to provide educational, technological, and strategic resources that are easily accessible to you. Before coming across a final decision, look over the support docs and services that are available, as well as the average turnaround times for one-on-one customer support.

Communication Tools

Timely and regular communications are necessary for keeping tenants informed. Your software tool should allow you to save time when it comes to scheduled messages. Core info – like the WiFi information, retail directory, and tenant handbook – should be available to tenants with just the click of a mouse. Other helpful characteristics include custom targeting and segmentation so that you can communicate to the right groups at the right time.

Compliance and Security

Customer data security and privacy compliance should not go ignored. Research has found that compliance risk is the fifth most serious risk that is faced by the commercial real estate industry. Your solution should allow you to both protect your tenants’ data and manage compliance-related tasks that can assist in protecting your own business as well.

Without a doubt, the right property management software should help you streamline processes, reduce costs, save time, drive tenant attraction and retention, and generate revenue. Luckily for you, Tenix checks off all of these boxes. We are a strong team dedicated to serving the condo communities across North America. Our philosophy is to work with one corporation at a time, making sure they have the perfect platform to work on that suits their community of people. We also aim to underpromise and overdeliver, stay informed, focus on user experience, provide exceptional client service, show continuous improvement, and try to make everyone happy. For the best property management software in Toronto, drop us a message by clicking “Contact Us” or give us a call at +1 (888) 387-2292.