Trending Amenities to Attract Residents

4, Oct

The standard gym and pool are no longer cutting it as far as condo amenities go. These perks are considered part of regular condo life, and no longer have the same attractive pull that they once did. To stand out, new developers and condos looking to do some renovations have to think outside the box when it comes to amenities to both attract and retain their residents. It is out with the old and in with the new! Here are five trending amenities that condo owners are beginning to look for when they make their purchase.

Music Rooms

More and more families are making condos their permanent homes. Suburban life is not for everyone and homes in most cities are entirely unaffordable options if they even are available. With condo living, though, you need to be respectful of your neighbours’ space. If your child plays an instrument, then this can cause difficulties. More condos are introducing soundproof music rooms with pianos. Residents can practice and play their instruments to their heart’s content without getting on everyone else’s nerves.

Yoga Studios

A small condo gym with a few weight machines and a couple of treadmills is not enough to pull residents away from their gym memberships. Condo buildings need to offer something more. Yoga studios, especially with the option for hot yoga, with the addition of scheduled classes, will get residents to the on-site gym and maybe even convince them to let go of their gym membership.

Geofenced Wifi

When residents are outside of their unit and wifi signal, but are still in the building, offering them free wifi is a desirable amenity. Whether they are in a party room, the gym, lounging on a terrace, or studying in an on-site boardroom, having building-wide wifi with geofence capabilities so that bandwidth is guaranteed to only go to residents in the building is essential.

Integrated Smart Homes

Technology is more integrated into our lives than ever before, and many people are now using smart home technology to help them with their everyday tasks. New condominiums that are looking to maximize on smart home technology can install it into units so that all residents have to do is hook up their smartphone and get going. Residents will not be running back to their unit to check if the door is locked, just a simple glance at their phone will tell them everything is alright.

Resident Portals

Residents, no matter their age, live busy lives. Many condominium offices have set hours that they are open, in which you can book elevators, party rooms, parking spaces, and request various services. These hours do not work for many people, and once residents get home, they want to head straight upstairs, not putter around a condo office waiting their turn. This is why resident portals are a necessary amenity for modern condominiums and apartment buildings.

At the touch of a button, either on a smartphone or computer, residents can book everything they need and pay deposits, so their spot is reserved. One standout resident portal is Tenix, which has an easy-to-use interface for both your computer and smartphone. Residents can book anything they desire using Tenix and check on service updates, scheduled maintenance, and any notifications that their building manager or condo corporation wants to communicate to them. Resident portals like Tenix are also an excellent investment for property managers because of their relative affordability and the fact that no expensive renovations are required.

New Amenities for a New Age

New condo buildings and established condo and apartments that are looking to offer attractive amenities to entice residents have to think outside the box. Many amenities that used to be cutting edge, like party rooms, guest suites, pools, and gyms, are considered standard fare. With trendy amenities like music rooms, yoga studios, geofenced wifi, integrated smart homes, and resident portals, condo builders and property managers can keep their residents happy.