Why Tenant Portals are the Hot Amenity for Condos

6, Oct

When you are looking to move into a new condo, there are always different amenities that each building offers to attract you to buy. Whether it is a pool, a gym, or 24/7 concierge services, there are many things on the table that you want to consider when scoping out a new condo. One thing that many people overlook when deciding on their new home in the sky is the method by which they will be communicating with the property management team.

Most property managers have set hours throughout the day that coincides with regular 9-5 working hours, making it difficult to see them in person. When they have an online portal as an amenity, though, you can contact the management team from wherever you have a smartphone and a wireless network. Here are a few of the reasons why portals are a necessary amenity for any modern condo building.

24/7 Accessibility – Anywhere, Anytime

No matter whom you are or what you do for a living, having the freedom to make maintenance requests, book parking spots and party rooms at any time is a convenience you don’t want to live without. If you have someone staying over last minute and need a parking spot for them, you can book it through a portal immediately without issue.

Online Payments

When you want to book a room or a parking space, you may have to pay a fee for the room or the parking space. Instead of finding the time to make it to the property manager’s office, all you have to do with a portal is enter your credit card information, and there you go, the room, parking space, guest suite, or anything else is reserved and paid for.

Communication Channel from Property Managers

When you want to receive communications from your property manager, especially with updates on the broker air condition unit or scheduled fire alarm, portals are the way to go. You typically have to enter some basic information within your portal and select communication preferences so that you can be notified in real time by email or text.

Real-time View

Having a portal means that there is a calendar for everything going on at your building all in one convenient place. That means that the property management team can manage and monitor the schedule while users can check to see dates and bookings as they happen.

Save Time!

Property managers are continually being pulled in ten different directions with requests and emergencies. When a building has a portal, it cuts down on the number of phone calls and in-person requests which allows them to stay focus on critical issues as opposed to facilitating an elevator booking.

Save time by making requests in a few quick clicks instead of finding the time to get down to the property manager’s office and fill out a form in person. Everyone wins.


There are a number of tenant portals that have been around for years, but most of them look aged, like how Blackberry became the last choice compared to Apple and Android at the time. Users want a great, simplified experience instead of the ‘big monster’ software. One example of a great newcomer that is making waves in the industry is Tenix. It enables easy communication and streamlines bookings while keeping everything in one neat calendar. Tenix has an all-in-one platform that is designed to be clean and easy to use so that anyone, no matter their age or technological experience, can navigate. You can visit them at They have a Refer a Property feature so if you like what you see and want it for your new home, refer your property and earn a hefty commission. Win-win!