3 ways to build an effective impressive condo management board

20, Mar

Are you a member of your condo board! Congratulations! The role is exciting but day-to-day operations can also be quite overwhelming. With great opportunity also comes great responsibility. There are truckloads of tasks to sort through and sometimes, the decisions you make may not agree with the residents. But in the long run, good decisions can make a big difference in the condo upkeep. If you build it right and manage it well, being on the condo management board can be a rewarding experience.

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1: Active Engagement:

Engaging board meetings are always more interesting and effective. It helps to take active interest in condo issues and serve the residents with full commitment. Once condo owners see your enthusiasm, they will connect better with you and appreciate your efforts. Take the initiative to drive community activity. Don’t wait for someone else to jump in. If you feel strongly about an issue, take active interest in resolving it.

2: Empathy and Courtesy:

If you don’t want angry condo residents at your doorstep about certain board decisions, simply be polite. A kind, understanding, empathetic tone of voice can can be a game-changer even when things turn sour. It is important for all board members to be consistently courteous, follow high ethics and codes of conduct. Politely address issues to help resolve conflict. Internal operations will be on-point when everyone works constructively together towards the goal instead of being confrontational during disagreements. Try not to get distracted about petty issues. Focus on the bigger problems instead. Identify situations that are of interest to everyone at large and work courteously together to resolve them.

3: Clear Communication:

We cannot stress this enough! If your management doesn’t take steps to ease communication between residents and the condo board, simple issues may be harder to resolve. The foundation of effective, efficient condo management is transparent, easy communication. Make sure you hear the voices of all condo residents, even as you make yourself heard. It is also important to ease communication among board members. A functional board should have responsibilities equally distributed between every member. Clearly define the tasks for all, distribute responsibility without overloading one person and ignoring another. Make sure the workload stays manageable so that they are completed on time.

A simple and smart way to do this is by installing property management software. Many condos are relying on such apps to reach out to residents, keep them updated about vital information, ensure timely payments and everything else you can think of. Don’t be surprised to find your whole building thanking you when you install it. It’s a sure way of increasing not just management convenience but also the value of your condo.

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