Condo Parking Problems

23, Jun

Condo Parking Problems? Allow Tenix to Streamline the Process in the Simplest, Quickest Way

Parking space is usually a matter of much debate for both the condo board and owners. Parking restrictions are one of the most complicated issues that can quickly develop into a battleground. A car park is premium real estate. Issues arise when owners fail to stick to their designated areas or need to rent another one for a second vehicle.

Many larger units come with two parking lots but they may not have a need for the second one. Owners rent or sell their second car park space in such situations, but it can spark off a bidding war if it is not properly priced. Condo parking spaces downtown has sold for over $60,000. When the rates escalate sharply, buyers protest. If owners are not familiar with condo bylaws or if the management does not have provisions for proper display of notices, residents looking for extra parking space may be inconvenienced. It’s easy to miss paper notices that are not prominently displayed in a busy reception area or dark basement. Proper management of parking issues is a critical part of condo management.

General Parking Areas

Typically, the parking area is either a common space or limited. Car parks that allow co-owners to park fall under the general common element. Many modern apartments and condos have numbered parking space assigned to each unit. Others provide parking on a first-come, first-served basis.

What the condo board must clearly outline is whether there are restrictions on the number of vehicles for an owner. They need to be aware of the time limit for certain areas; enough space reserved for the disabled and where to store nonoperational vehicles so they don’t encroach someone else’s property.

Visitors Parking

In smaller condos where parking space is scarce, it’s common to find owners park their car in the visitor’s area, leading to protests from others. Parking problems are not limited to owners alone. Most condos have a separate area for visitors to park, but many properties may not have that facility. In such cases, resident hosts need a parking permit for their guests prior to their visit to reserve a spot for a specific time. But what if the owner is too late to book and the parking lot is full?

This is where smart condo management helps, using software applications to modernize and simplify the whole process. At Tenix, we understand your concerns and have designed a solution to streamline the whole process in the simplest way. Here are a few suggestions from our property management experts.

How to Resolve Common Condo Parking Issues

Follow Condo Bylaws

If an owner runs into parking issues, make sure they are aware of the condo bylaws and regulations. Many older condos may not address issues such as parking spot sales. Others may have restrictive clauses limiting transactions to those between unit owners, not residents.

Damaged Parking Lot

The responsibility to maintain a parking lot falls on the owner. In case of damages, owners need to mend them or the property manager looking after the common use areas may do so, depending on the building’s regulations.

Visitor Policy

Common parking policies for visitors in a condo are based on a few simple rules:

  • Temporary passes: Guests can be issued temporary parking passes or purchase permits for fixed spots in the visitor’s parking area for a specific time. But if the temporary pass is not displayed, some condos have a strict policy to tow away the cars.
  • General parking: A few condos have a fixed number of parking spots for visitors on a first come, first served basis.
  • Street parking: In condos with limited parking lots or no designated spots, visitors may have to look for street parking.

If parking is not properly managed or guidelines not followed, it will inevitably create conflict. Condo managers need to carefully review the process to determine if the system is transparent and efficient for all. To alleviate confusion or conflict between owners, visitors and the condo board, there is one simple way out Tenix.

Tenix Condo Management Software: Simplify Parking Requests

Tenix is a well-designed, automated property management software developed to streamline condo operations. It helps you simplify communication and parking requests using a sleek, easy-to-use interface.

It is time to say goodbye to clumsy paper notices and upgrade to advanced software solutions Make sure owners and tenants do not miss important updates. Help them in many other ways:

  • Order garage fob keys
  • Car park permits
  • Submit visitor parking requests
  • Reserve spots for disabled visitors
  • Plan guest bookings
  • Rent or buy additional car park space easily
  • Keep track of reservations
  • Post notifications
  • Stay informed about condo bylaws
  • Book space for visitors easily and instantly.

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