Smart Condo Management Roadmap for 2019: Tenix Shows You the Way

26, Apr

Here’s a simple exercise to evaluate the value of your condo today. Browse through last year’s calendar and run a quick check on the following:

  • How many paper documents did you prepare and organically distribute all over the condo to inform residents about fire drills last year?
  • How many notices did you painstakingly pin up on the bulletin board, elevator, or lobby to announce coffee mornings, monthly meetings, updates, and maintenance checks?
  • How many tons of paper-waste did that involve?
  • How many hours did each of these tasks take you?
  • Could you successfully notify residents who missed condo updates?
  • How do you keep every resident updated about every notification, every time?

What? You can’t find your 2018 calendar? Even if you do, you may not be able to track all these tasks or locate exact dates. Retrieving old records is a laborious task for condo managers, right? So has your condo upgraded its services to make management easier this year? As the world evolves from manual to digital, has your condo kept up?

Modern condo management involves many complex tasks that take up a large chunk of your time, effort, and resources. You can easily reduce the hours of labour into seconds, go paperless to save tons of money, and enhance the quality of life for condo residents in 2019.
It takes just one smart tool: Tenix online property management software.
Let us navigate you around this life-changing roadmap.

Increase Condo Property Value

In today’s digital world, you need to be tech-savvy to streamline workflow and save time. Condos that haven’t kept up with technological progress are considered outdated. For a modern condo that caters to millennials, digital upgrades are important. For older condos, this is even more critical or the units drop sharply in value.

Administrative Convenience

Online services reduce time on many operational levels. It frees up time for condo managers as well. Things are more organized and accessible for everyone. Files can be easily stored, retrieved, and shared. Information is at your fingertips 24/7, 365 days a year. How convenient is that?

Less Miscommunication

Miscommunication can be prevented by connecting property managers, owners, and staff on a single platform. The online log allows managers to track and follow maintenance service requests. Automation prevents errors, provides accurate results, reduces complaints, and speeds up services.

Better Mass Communication

Gone are the days of pinning group messages on the bulletin board hoping everyone reads them when required. Tenix lets you send notifications to all condo owners and residents at once and allows every voice to be heard. Everyone is on the same page, whether they are in town or out on a vacation.

Online Calendars

An online calendar helps you plan events and provide alerts for upcoming occasions such as fire drills, HVAC checks, monthly coffee mornings, and festive celebrations. Tenix has an elegantly designed interface that makes discussion and navigation smooth sailing. The simple design makes it user-friendly for condo board members of all ages, even if they are not digital whizzes.

Real-Time Connection

Condo owners and residents can contact and connect with the management in real-time, no matter where they are. All they need is to download the app on their mobile phone. Packages left with the management can be picked up on time, repair requests can be conveyed instantly, parking space for guest vehicles can be booked and urgent messages can be sent instantly.

Tenix: Your Roadmap to Smart Condo Management for 2019

Make the task of managing hundreds of condo units easy with just a few clicks. Book for a demo and increase the value of your condo this year with Tenix.