Summer is Here and so is Repair Work Season. Is Your Condo Prepared to Inform Residents on Holiday?

26, Apr

Summer is around the corner. So is construction season and vacation time. As the days get warmer and longer, it’s time for the condo management to finalize contracts for repair work, repainting, HVAC maintenance and reconstruction. Coincidentally, this is also the time for owners to enjoy weekend getaways and family holidays.

The last thing your residents may want is to miss out on important notifications and return to the inconvenience of a garage going through major repairs. Can you imagine the chaos if they have not been able to protect their car with a suitable cover? Sometimes the condo entrance is blocked for painting or construction work so it’s hard to get in with heavy luggage. Sometimes the balcony needs to be torn down before rebuilding for which owners need to empty it out before they leave. These are common issues with older condos. If residents are not informed on time, the inconvenience they face can be not just traumatic but also create unnecessary conflict with the management.

Tenix is an affordable software solution with easy-to-use features that connects condo board members to residents and staff in just a click. It integrates modules for reporting, task scheduling, billing, collecting packages on behalf of absent residents, and safe delivery upon their return.

How do you choose the right condo management software? Let our experts guide you:

Types of Condo Management Software

Premium vs Premise-Based

There are several kinds of condo management software in the market. Choosing the right one can be quite daunting, whether you are digital savvy or not. Premium web-based software can be costly, complex and hard to master. Premise-based software can cost even more but the condo ends up owning the software and all the information is stored in the management office. But how do you get upgrades and ongoing technical support when you are on your own?

Affordable vs Free

A simple software that does all the hard work for you is essential. All you have to do is hit the right buttons. There are cheap condo management systems available but these come with their own concerns. Some carry hidden costs, others provide untimely customer service (if at all) and insufficient features that may not serve your purpose.

Simple Web-Based Solution

What you need is a sophisticated web-based, budget-friendly condo management software that is fast to master and easy to maintain. Information is stored remotely in a cloud-based system so it is accessible from anywhere from desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Ongoing technical support is usually a part of the package.

Tenix: Simple, Affordable, Mobile Friendly

A little investment in the right condo management software can increase convenience by leaps and bounds. It can keep residents connected to the management through the year, even when they are away. Strengthen your condo image and credibility with existing and new owners, maximize efficiency and minimize administrative costs. Call Tenix to book a demo before construction and repair work starts.