Why a Simple Software is a Smart Choice for Both Millennials and Senior Condo Property Managers

3, May

A tech-savvy condo board can save a lot of time and hassles in resolving property management issues. But what is a tech-savvy condo board? Does it involve employing tech-savvy condo managers or investing in a tech-savvy tool that everyone can comfortably use?

What about navigation? Can seniors operate the software as easily as millennials can? Most importantly, are all millennials really as tech-savvy as perceived? How do you choose the right condo management software that is suitable for all age groups? Before looking for the right tool, it pays to look into the psychographics of the demographics in question so you know which software aligns with all interests.

Are Most Millennials Digital Natives?

Many millennials are not tech-savvy:

CTEq (Change the Equation), a non-profit organization that supports science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education released a report stating that as many as 58% of millennials in North America are not as tech-savvy as assumed. This is because many had limited access to hi-tech equipment while growing up.

Millennials process information differently:

Research by the Nielson Norman Group (NNG) adds that digital natives think and process information differently than their seniors. They are not proficient about resolving problems following a step-by-step, methodical approach but are more prone to multitasking, and comfortably switch between different digital gadgets.

Millennials prefer simple interfaces:

The most common misconception about digital natives is that they have an inborn instinct about all digital products. NNG reports that this is not true. Millennials are certainly more confident in their approach to digital interfaces but when the technology doesn’t live up to their standards of simple efficiency, they are quick to switch to a different brand unlike their seniors who blame it on their own lack of technical expertise.

In conclusion, it is important to not overestimate the technical skills of millennials, just like one shouldn’t underestimate the digital expertise of the older generation.

Are Most Seniors Technically Challenged?

Seniors rely increasingly on the net:

Newly released data from the Pew Research Center says that North America’s seniors adopted technology much later than their younger compatriots, but their “movement into digital life” continues to deepen thanks to the greater role of the internet in providing information, health resources, social support and government services.

Most seniors use smartphones:

Six in ten seniors now are regular internet users, the Pew Research Center found. 47% have a high-speed broadband connection at home. 77% of older adults now have a cell phone as compared to 69% in April 2012. In addition, affluent and well-educated seniors (such as condo owners) use the internet and broadband at substantially higher rates than many others.

Seniors need help in using digital devices:

However, most older adults require assistance in operating their digital devices. Just 18% are comfortable about using new technology.

Conclusion: A Simple, User-Friendly Software Works Best for All

Digital technologies are key to making daily life easier in today’s world. But It is important to recognize that not all condo board members are comfortable about operating complex software, no matter what generation they come from. To reach out to everyone in your condo board and connect with residents of all age groups, a simple, easy-to-use interface works best.

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