5 Ways to Simplify Property Management

20, Jul

You have probably heard of property management automation. This technology makes your life easier, allowing you to do more with less. Among the ways to simplify your business is using mobile property management apps, accounting software, and resident portals. All of these tools help you increase your profits and ease the workload of managing property, while consolidating all customer-related data in one easy-to-use location.

Using Mobile Property Management

Increasing profits as a property manager doesn’t necessarily require you to become an instant tech genius. There are a variety of ways to use mobile technology in your business. If you’re running an apartment building, you may want to consider implementing text messaging as a way to update tenants.

Using Accounting Software

Real estate owners face several challenges, one of which is cash flow. In addition to managing outgoing funds, they need to balance large upfront expenses with steady incoming funds. To overcome these problems, property owners should consider using accounting software. Accounting software is specifically designed for this sector and can help keep the books organized and make it easier to make accurate financial reports. Besides saving time, this software can also help keep track of various expenses in a more streamlined manner.

Using Resident Portals

Using resident portals can improve productivity and streamline property management processes. Property management software solutions can help manage community events and services, such as pet meetups and dating events. With the right tools, property managers can also keep track of late rent payments, vacant properties, and rent received.

Using a dedicated resident portal can help property managers increase their productivity and profits without hiring additional staff. By automating the processes, property management companies can reduce the time and expense required to manage their properties.

Setting Rental Prices

Before determining the right rental price for your property, consider the rental prices in your neighbourhood and how large the property is. You will also need to determine the rules for the tenants, including whether they can have pets, smoke, or be students.

These decisions will affect the overall cost of the property. In addition, setting a fair rental price will keep your tenants happy. After figuring out your rental price, you will need to advertise it on your website to attract the best tenants.

Property Management Software

The solutions we’ve outlined in this article will be helpful to streamline and simplify your property management. However, if you’re looking for an integrated, consolidated, all-in-one property management software, schedule a free Property Management Software Demo with Tenix or call us at 1-888-466-4167 ext. 240.