The Best Property Management Software for Landlords

18, Jan

Landlords need to stay organized, and the right property management software will help you attract, screen, and manage tenants and allow you to communicate with them. Property management software can also help you respond to maintenance requests made by tenants. You will be able to use several useful and important features, but only if you invest in the right software, and Tenix will serve you best.

Maintaining a property is not easy as there are a lot of day-to-day activities that take place. This software would allow you to keep track of everything from parking control to security logs and even deliveries and in-building transfers. You would be able to communicate with the entire building or just one unit depending on the situation, so you can notify your tenants and send important announcements by text, email or phone. This is an easy way of ensuring your tenants are informed, and you would have less to worry about, so you would be more successful at running your operations.
This software would also move most of your tenant relations online, making the process easier and running your condo community less challenging. This is especially true nowadays when social distancing is a must, and Tenix will provide you with a user-friendly system within your condo community through online communications. Ultimately, this property management software will automate routine tasks and will free up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of being a landlord.

Tenix can also help you produce a website that would be accessible to prospective tenants, and they would be able to see all of the available units with pictures and descriptions and would have the chance to apply directly online. Your current tenants would benefit from this software as well because they would be able to file incident reports and book amenities, so you would no longer have to deal with unnecessary paperwork and manual forms, which are ways of the past. Many landlords may not realize that this software can help with marketing as well by generating ads whenever a unit becomes available for rent.

Landlords can benefit tremendously from this type of software because the features are very useful. You would notice an increase in efficiency and productivity when you invest in property management software. A big advantage is the reduced number of phone calls you would receive as both prospective and current tenants will be able to find most of what they need online.

Landlords who are looking for the best property management software should turn to Tenix because this software will provide you with smart condo management through simplified solutions. You will notice a world of difference and will see an increase in accountability, efficiency, and transparency, so contact us today to see how our software can help!