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Learn More About Tenix At The Buildings Show

During the three day buildings show expo on December 4th - 6th at the Metro Convention Centre, we will be showcasing our flagship property management software, Tenix. This software helps condo and apartment managers increase efficiency and transparency with their tenants. Tenix allows for easier and more efficient administration and communication; best of all, it’s free!

Condo Parking Problems

Parking space is usually a matter of much debate for both the condo board and owners. Parking restrictions are one of the most complicated issues that can quickly develop into a battleground. A car park is premium real estate. Issues arise when owners fail to stick to their designated areas or need to rent another one for a second vehicle.

Why a Simple Software is a Smart Choice for Both Millennials and Senior Condo Property Managers

A tech-savvy condo board can save a lot of time and hassles in resolving property management issues. But what is a tech savvy condo board? Does it involve employing tech savvy condo managers or investing in a tech savvy tool that everyone can comfortably use?

Summer is Here and so is Repair Work Season. Is Your Condo Prepared to Inform Residents on Holiday?

Summer is around the corner. So is construction season and vacation time. As the days get warmer and longer, it's time for the condo management to finalize contracts for repair work, repainting, HVAC maintenance and reconstruction.

5 Ways a Well Designed Portal Simplifies Condo Management and Builds User Engagement

Here's a quick question: would you rather take the highway to reach your destination on time or drive through a maze of winding roads strewn with traffic jams? Condo management software is quite like that. Some are like a complex pathway, stuffed with more information than you need...

3 ways to build an effective impressive condo management board

Are you a member of your condo board? Congratulations! The role is exciting but day-to-day operations can also be quite overwhelming. With great opportunity also comes great responsibility. There are truckloads of tasks to sort through and sometimes, the decisions you make may not agree with the residents. But in the long run, good...

6 Ways to Ease Communications Between Condo Managers and Residents

Modern condos in the GTA are designed to offer a world of advantages to homeowners and residents. They offer landscaped surroundings, immaculate lawn-care, timely snow-removal, and seasonal roof maintenance without having the owners lift a finger. ...

How Does Cannabis Legalization Affect Condo Management?

Cannabis and condominiums have one thing in common: they both come in a wide variety of choices that influence users. There are many factors that distinguish one condo from the other: the city, location, neighbourhood, demographics, owners, tenants and management regulations by the condo property managers...

Why Should a Property Management System be Simple and Easy-to-Navigate?

Condo management is a complicated task. Shifting through piles of paperwork to hunting out relevant information on a daily basis can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you have multiple properties, handling even simple guest service requests or communicating with hundreds of condo residents about urgent updates...